Short information about AMPS

The Assessment of Motor and Process Skills (AMPS) is an innovative observational assessment that offers occupational therapists an unique approach to the problem of how to conceptualize and assess occupational performance. When the occupational therapist uses the AMPS, he or she is able to simultaneously evaluate a person’s overall ability to perform domestic or intrumental activities of daily living (IADL) and the quality of a person’s motor and process skills.

  • Motor skills are observable actions one uses to move oneself or the task objects during all task performances (e.g., Walks, Reaches, Lifts, Transports).
  • Process skills are observable operations one uses to sensibly organize and adapt the actions of task performance as the process unfolds over time (e.g., Chooses, Uses, Sequences, Accommodates).


In the process of developing the AMPS, it has become apparent that valid and reliable administration and interpretation requires that interested occupational therapists (a) participate in a training workshop, and (b) become calibrated as a rater.The 5-day training workshops provide critical information related to the theoretical basis of the AMPS as well as experimental learning of the AMPS administration and scoring procedures. Each participant receives a personalized copy of the AMPS computer-scoring program (IBM or Macintosh) and the AMPS administrational manual.


At the end of the 5-day AMPS traning course, participants will be able to:

  • Administer, score, and interpret the AMPS in a reliable manner
  • Use the AMPS methodology to assess a persons functional ability
  • Use the AMPS to plan and guide occupational therapy intervention (direct and consultation)
  • Identify the limitations of existing ADL evaluation methods and
  • Understand the benefits of using many-faceted Rasch analysis and rater calibration.


The results of the AMPS can be used to answer two questions:

Why does this person experience difficulty?

– The answer is derived from an AMPS profile of that person’s motor and process skill item raw scores that provide the basis for the treatment planning

What level of daily life task challange can this person manage?

– The AMPS motor and process ability measures are numbers that place the person on two continua of ability; an AMPS motor scale and an AMPS process scale.

The motor and process ability measures provide an objective basis for measuring change – the effectiveness of our interventions. Documenting changes in person ability measures provide us with an objective method to demonstrate to our clients, colleagues, and health care administrators that occupational therapy services are cost-effective and improve the functional status of our clients.

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